Metadata.RemoveProperties method

Removes metadata properties satisfying the specified predicate.

public int RemoveProperties(Func<MetadataProperty, bool> predicate)
Parameter Type Description
predicate Func`2 A function to test each metadata property for a condition.

Return Value

The number of affected properties.


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This example demonstrates how to remove specific metadata properties using various criteria.

using (Metadata metadata = new Metadata(Constants.InputDocx))
    // Remove all the properties satisfying the predicate:
    // property contains the name of the document author OR
    // it refers to the last editor OR
    // the property value is a string that contains the substring "John" (to remove any mentions of John from the detected metadata)
    var affected = metadata.RemoveProperties(
            p => p.Tags.Contains(Tags.Person.Creator) ||
            p.Tags.Contains(Tags.Person.Editor) ||
            p.Value.Type == MetadataPropertyType.String && p.Value.ToString().Contains("John"));

    Console.WriteLine("Properties removed: {0}", affected);


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