The com.groupdocs.merger.domain.options.interfaces namespace provides classes for working with Interfaces.


Interface Description
IAddPasswordOptions Interface for the password adding options.
IExtractOptions Interface for options to extract the document pages.
IImageJoinOptions Interface for the image joining options.
IImportDocumentOptions Interface for import of the embedded document.
IJoinOptions Interface for the document joining options.
ILoadOptions Interface for the document loading options.
IMoveOptions Interface for the moving page options.
IOlePresentationOptions Interface for import options of the embedded document to Presentation via OLE.
IOleSpreadsheetOptions Interface for import options of the embedded document to Spreadsheet via OLE.
IOleWordProcessingOptions Interface for import options of the embedded document to Word processing via OLE.
IOptions Interface for the base options.
IOrientationOptions Interface for the page orientation options.
IPageOptions Interface for the page options
IPager Interface for apply option (pages, range and etc.)
IPdfAttachmentOptions Interface for options of the embedded document to PDF as attachment.
IPreviewOptions Interface for the preview options.
IRemoveOptions Interface for the page removing options.
IRotateOptions Interface for the page rotating options.
ISaveOptions Interface for the document saving options.
ISizeOptions Interface for adding embedded object.
ISplitOptions Interface for the splitting options.
ISwapOptions Interface for the page swapping options.
ITextSplitOptions Interface for the text splitting options.
IUpdatePasswordOptions Interface for the password updating options.