The namespace provides common classes of the library.


Class Description
AttributeChangeBatch Represents a container for attribute changes.
Cancellation Represents an object for requesting cancellation of an operation.
ChunkSearchToken Represents a token for the continuation of the chunk search (search by pages).
CustomExtractorCollection Contains a collection of custom extractors. If the collection contains an extractor for some file extension that is covered by build-in extractors, then this extractor will be used instead of built-in one.
Document Represents the base class for documents added to an index from file system, stream, or structure. Contains static methods for creating documents from different types of sources.
DocumentField Represents a document field data.
DocumentImage Represents a document image data.
Encodings Contains names of possible encodings.
ExtractedData Represents data retrieved from a document and prepared for indexing.
ExtractedItemInfo Represents a container item information.
ExtractorSettings Contains settings for the document data extractor.
FileLogger Represents a logger that logs events and errors to a local file.
FileOutputAdapter Represents an output adapter that collects output into a file.
FragmentContainer Represents a container for text fragments with highlighted found terms of one document field.
ImageFrame Represents an image frame.
IndexInfo Contains basic information on an Index.
IndexingReport Represents a detailed information on an indexing operation.
Notification The base class for all notifications to the index. This class also contains methods for creating notification objects.
OutputAdapter Represents the base class of an output adapter that is used to collect an output in a generalized form. The currently available adapters are FileOutputAdapter, StreamOutputAdapter, StructureOutputAdapter, and StringOutputAdapter.
ResultBuilderFactory Represents the base class of a result builder factory.
SearchImage Represents an image to search.
SearchReport Represents a detailed information on a search operation.
StreamOutputAdapter Represents an output adapter that collects output into a Stream.
StringOutputAdapter Represents an output adapter that collects output as a String.
StructureOutputAdapter Represents an output adapter that collects output as a structure containing each field separately.
WordPattern Represents a word pattern to use in word wildcard search.


Interface Description
IContainerItemExtractor Provides methods for extracting items from container documents.
IDocumentLoader Defines the document loader interface that is used to load lazy documents.
IFieldExtractor Provides methods for extracting fields from a document.
ILogger Defines interface of a logger that is used for logging events and errors in an index.


Enumeration Description
DocumentSourceKind Defines the kinds of document sources.
DocumentStatus Represents a document processing status.
IndexStatus Specifies an index status.
VersionUpdateResult Represents the result of an index version update operation.