The package provides classes to specify additional options when rendering documents.

It includes options for rendering various document formats, defining permissions and security settings, specifying watermark properties, and retrieving information about views.

The main classes in this package are:

For more details on configuring the logging system in GroupDocs.Viewer and customizing the log message handling, please refer to the GroupDocs.Viewer Documentation.


Class Description
ArchiveOptions Provides options for rendering archive files.
ArchiveSecurityOptions Class that can be used to limit the archives extraction process.
BaseViewOptions Class that provides base rendering options.
CadOptions Provides options for rendering CAD drawings.
EmailOptions Provides options for rendering email messages.
FileName Represents the name of a file in an archive.
HtmlViewOptions Provides options for rendering documents into HTML format.
JpgViewOptions Provides options for rendering documents into JPG format.
LoadOptions Provides options that are used to open a file.
MailStorageOptions Provides options for rendering Mail storage (Lotus Notes, MBox) data files.
OutlookOptions Provides options for rendering Outlook data files.
PdfOptions Provides options for rendering PDF documents.
PdfViewOptions Provides options for rendering documents into PDF format.
Permissions Defines PDF document permissions.
PngViewOptions Provides options for rendering documents into PNG format.
ProjectManagementOptions Provides options for rendering project management files.
Security Provides PDF document security options.
Size Watermark size.
SpreadsheetOptions Provides options for rendering spreadsheets.
TextOptions Text files splitting to pages options.
Tile Represents drawing region.
ViewInfoOptions Provides options used for retrieving information about view.
ViewOptions Provides rendering options.
VisioRenderingOptions The Visio files processing documents view options.
Watermark Represents text watermark.
WordProcessingOptions Provides options for rendering word processing documents.


Interface Description
IMaxSizeOptions Limits of image size options interface.


Enum Description
Field Represents email message fields e.g. From, To, Subject etc.
ImageQuality The quality of images in the output HTML contained by the PDF documents.
PageSize The size of the page.
Position Defines watermark position.
Rotation Defines page rotation in degrees.
TextOverflowMode Defines text overflow mode for rendering spreadsheet documents into HTML.
TimeUnit Time unit of the project duration.