PresentationFieldNames class

Represents a list of field names for the faceted search.

public static class PresentationFieldNames


Name Description
const Application The application field name.
const ApplicationVersion The application version field name.
const Author The author field name.
const Category The category field name.
const Comments The comments field name.
const Company The company field name.
const ContentStatus The content status field name.
const CreatedTime The created time field name.
const HyperlinkBase The hyperlink base field name.
const Keywords The keywords field name.
const LastAuthor The last author field name.
const LastPrintedTime The last printed time field name.
const LastSavedTime The last saved time field name.
const Manager The manager field name.
const RevisionNumber The revision number field name.
const Subject The subject field name.
const Title The title field name.
const TotalEditingTime The total editing time field name.


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