FoundDocument class

Represents a found document.

public class FoundDocument


Name Description
Attributes { get; } Gets the attributes associated with the found document. The corresponding option must be enabled in the search options to retrieve attributes.
DocumentInfo { get; } Gets the document info.
FoundFields { get; } Gets the document fields found.
OccurrenceCount { get; } Gets the number of occurrences found.
Relevance { get; } Gets the relevance of search result.
Terms { get; } Gets the terms found. The value is evaluated each time the property is accessed.
TermSequences { get; } Gets the term sequences found.


Name Description
static Deserialize(byte[]) Deserializes an instance from a byte array.
Serialize() Serializes the current instance to a byte array.
override ToString() Returns string representation of the found document.


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