The GroupDocs.Signature.Domain.Extensions namespace provides extensions for signature appearances and additional functionality.


Class Description
Address Represents Address of VCard contact details.
CryptoCurrencyTransfer Represents Crypto currency transfer (reciever or transfer) for QR-Code.
CryptoCurrencyType Represents Crypto currency type.
DataMatrixEncodeMode DataMatrix encoder’s encoding mode, default to Auto
EPC Represents European Payments Council Quick Response Code.
Email Represents Email format for QR-Code.
Event Represents standard QR-Code Event details.
MeCard Represents MeCard standard contact details.
SMS Represents SMS short message service details.
VCard Represents VCard standard contact details.
WiFi Represents WiFi network connection details.
WiFiEncryptionType Represents WiFi Encryption type.


Interface Description
IDataSerializer Serialization interface to provide object serialization and deserialization methods.