The namespace provides extensions for signature appearances and additional functionality.


Class Description
Address Represents address for contact.
Brush Represents base class for various brushes.
CryptoCurrencyTransfer Represents Cryptocurrency transfer (receive or send) for QR-Code.
Email Represents Email format for QR-Code.
EPC Represents European Payments Council Quick Response Code.
Event Represents standard QR-Code Event details.
FormatAttribute Instructs objects serialization to serialize the member with the specified name and format
LinearGradientBrush Represents linear gradient brush.
Mailmark2D Class for encoding and decoding the text embedded in the Royal Mail 2D Mailmark
MeCard Represents MeCard standard contact details.
RadialGradientBrush Represents radial gradient brush.
SignatureExtension Represents base class for signatures extensions.
SkipSerializationAttribute Instructs the serialization to skip the member.
SMS Represents SMS short message service details.
SolidBrush Represents solid brush. It could be used instead background color property.
SpreadsheetPosition Defines signature position for Spreadsheet documents.
SymmetricEncryption Implements standard symmetric algorithms for data encryption with single key and passphrase (salt).
SymmetricEncryptionAttribute Instructs instances serialization to encrypt / decrypt object serialization string.
TextShadow Represents text shadow properties for text signatures. The result may vary depending on the signature type and document format. TextShadow is recommended for using with TextAsImage signature for all supported document types, also with simple TextSignature and TextSignature as watermark for Spreadsheets (.xslx) and Presentations (.pptx). Simple TextSignature for Words (.docx) is recommended too, but has limited functionality.
TextureBrush Represents texture brush.
VCard Represents Electronic Business Card standard contact details.
WiFi Represents WiFi network connection details.


Interface Description
IDataEncryption Encryption interface to provide object encoding and decoding methods.
IDataSerializer Serialization interface to provide object serialization and deserialization methods.


Enumeration Description
CryptoCurrencyType Represents Cryptocurrency type.
DataMatrixEncodeMode DataMatrix encoder’s encoding mode, default to Auto
Mailmark2DType 2D Mailmark Type defines size of Data Matrix barcode
SymmetricAlgorithmType Represents symmetric encryption algorithm type.
WiFiEncryptionType Represents WiFi Encryption type.