The namespace provides classes for working with document representation.


Class Description
Background Represents background appearance
BarcodeSignature Contains Barcode Signature properties.
BarcodeType Specifies Barcode type properties.
BarcodeTypes Barcode Types container.
BaseSignature Describes base class for signatures.
Border Represents border appearance
CertificateMetadataSignature Contains Certificate Metadata Signature properties.
CheckboxFormFieldSignature Contains check-box input form field signature properties.
ComboboxFormFieldSignature Contains combo-box input form field signature properties.
Corners Represents corners of a square graphical object.
DeleteResult Result of signature(s) deletion from the document.
DigitalFormFieldSignature Contains digital signature input form field properties for Pdf Documents.
DigitalSignature Contains Digital signature properties.
DocumentInfo Defines document description properties.
DocumentResultSignature Result of processing archive document signing process for document with newly created signatures.
FileType Represents file type.
FormFieldSignature Contains Form field signature properties.
ImageMetadataSignature Contains Image Metadata signature properties.
ImageSignature Contains Image signature properties.
MetadataSignature Contains Metadata signature properties.
MetadataSignatureCollection Collection of Metadata signature objects.
Padding Represents padding or margin information associated with element.
PageInfo Document page description class
PdfDigitalSignature Contains Pdf Digital signature properties.
PdfMetadataSignature Contains Pdf Metadata signature properties.
PdfMetadataSignatures Contains standard Metadata signatures to be used for Pdf document Metadata Signature Options.
PresentationMetadataSignature Contains Presentation metadata signature properties.
ProcessLog Represents document process details.
QrCodeSignature Contains QR-code signature properties.
QrCodeType Specify QRCode type properties.
QrCodeTypes QRCode Types container.
RadioButtonFormFieldSignature Contains radio-button input form field signature properties.
SearchResult Result of searching for signatures in specified document.
SignatureFont Creates instance of SignatureFont class to specify Font properties.
SignResult Result of signing process for document with newly created signatures.
SpreadsheetMetadataSignature Contains Spreadsheet Metadata Signature properties.
SquareBorder Instance to keep Border line properties for square stamp line.
StampLine Specify Stamp line properties.
StampType Specify stamp type properties.
StampTypes Stamp types container.
TextFormFieldSignature Contains text input form field signature properties for Pdf Document
TextSignature Contains Text signature properties.
UpdateResult Result of modification of signatures in the document.
VerificationResult Instance to keep results of verification process.
WordProcessingMetadataSignature Contains WordProcessing Metadata Signature properties.


Structure Description
TimeStamp Represents data to get time stamp from third-party site.


Interface Description
IAlignment Describes signature area alignment on a document page.
IDocumentInfo Defines document description properties.
IRectangle Defines interface properties for signature area on a document page.
IResult Common interface for signature process result.
IRotation Defines properties for signature rotation.
ITextAlignment Defines alignment properties for text on text signatures.
ITransparency Define Transparency property for different objects appearances


Enumeration Description
CodeTextAlignment Alignment of code text for Barcodes and QR-codes.
DashStyle Represents style of dash drawing lines on documents.
DocumentType Defines the Document type.
FormFieldType Specifies Form Field type.
FormTextFieldType Defines types of text for WordsProcessing document form fields.
HorizontalAlignment Specifies horizontal alignment of element on a document page.
ImageSaveFileFormat Defines different save file formats.
MeasureType Specifies measure units of signature on a document page.
MetadataType Specifies the supported Metadata signature data type of the value.
PdfDigitalSignatureType Describes enumeration of PDF digital signature type.
PdfSaveFileFormat Defines different save file formats.
PdfTextAnnotationBorderEffect Describes effect which should be applied to the border of the PDF text annotations.
PdfTextStickerIcon Describes enumeration of PDF Text annotation sticker icon appearance.
PdfTextStickerState Describes enumeration of PDF text annotation sticker states.
PresentationSaveFileFormat Defines different save file formats.
ProcessStatus Specifies status of signing and verification processes.
ProcessType Defines supported process with documents like Info, Preview, Sign, Verify, Search, Update, Delete
ShapePosition Specifies shape position in the document layout
SignatureType Defines supported types of signatures for various processes like Sign, Verify, Search, Update, Delete
SpreadsheetSaveFileFormat Defines different save formats for Spreadsheet documents.
StampBackgroundCropType Specifies crop type of background layer on Stamp elements.
StampTextRepeatType Specifies type of text repeat for stamp lines.
StretchMode Represents stretch mode of signature area on a document page.
TextHorizontalAlignment Specifies text horizontal alignment inside a signature.
TextMatchType Specifies text match type in string.
TextShapeType Specifies types of text shapes.
TextSignatureImplementation Specifies type of implementation for PDF text signature.
TextVerticalAlignment Specifies text vertical alignment inside a signature.
VerticalAlignment Specifies vertical alignment of element on a document page.
WordProcessingSaveFileFormat Defines different save file formats for WordProcessing documents.
WordProcessingTextSignatureImplementation Specifies type of text signature implementation for WordProcessing documents.
XAdESType Type of XML Advanced Electronic Signature (XAdES).