All Implemented Interfaces: com.groupdocs.viewer.results.TextElement, java.io.Serializable

public interface Word extends TextElement<String>, Serializable

Represents a relatively positioned rectangle that contains a single word.

The Word interface represents a word within a relatively positioned rectangle in the GroupDocs.Viewer component. It extends the TextElement interface and provides additional methods to access and manipulate the word content.

Example usage:

 try (Viewer viewer = new Viewer("document.pdf")) {
     PdfViewInfo viewInfo = (PdfViewInfo) viewer.getViewInfo(ViewInfoOptions.forHtmlView());
     List words = viewInfo.getPages().get(0).getLines().get(0).getWords();
     for (Word word : words) {
         // Use the word object for further operations

Note: The default implementation of this interface is WordImpl.


Method Description
getCharacters() Retrieves the characters contained by the word.


public abstract List<Character> getCharacters()

Retrieves the characters contained by the word.

Returns: java.util.List<com.groupdocs.viewer.results.Character> - the list of characters.