Class AnnotationBase

AnnotationBase class

Base class for all annotation types. Contains basic annotation information

public abstract class AnnotationBase : ICloneable, IEquatable<AnnotationBase>


Name Description
CreatedOn { get; set; } Gets or sets annotation creation date
Id { get; set; } Gets or sets annotation unique identifier. This field is auto-incremented.
Message { get; set; } Gets or sets annotation message
PageNumber { get; set; } Page number where the annotation should be located
Replies { get; set; } The list of replies (comments) attached to the annotation
StateBeforeAnnotation { get; set; } Stores the previous state of the text. State that was before annotating
Type { get; set; } Gets or sets annotation type
User { get; set; } Gets or sets annotation author


Name Description
virtual Clone() Returns new instance with the same values
Equals(AnnotationBase) Compares Base Annotations using IEquatable Equals method
override Equals(object) Compares Base Annotations using standard object Equals method
override GetHashCode() Returns HashCode of AnnotationBase Message, PageNumber and Type Properties

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