Class FileType

FileType class

Information about file, such as type, extension, etc.

public sealed class FileType : IEquatable<FileType>


Name Description
static Bmp { get; } Bitmap Image File.
static Doc { get; } Microsoft Word format.
static Docm { get; } Microsoft Word 2007 Macro file.
static Docx { get; } Microsoft Word Open XML format.
static Dot { get; } Microsoft Word Document Template.
static Dotm { get; } Microsoft Word Macro-Enabled Document Template.
static Dotx { get; } Microsoft Word Template.
static Dwg { get; } AutoCAD Drawing Database File.
static Dxf { get; } Drawing Exchange Format File.
static Eml { get; } File in the MIME standard.
static Emlx { get; } Apple’s program file format.
static Htm { get; } Hypertext Markup Language File.
static Html { get; } Hypertext Markup Language File.
static Jpeg { get; } Joint Photographic Experts Group.
static Jpg { get; } Joint Photographic Experts Group.
static Odp { get; } Open Document Presentation.
static Ods { get; } OpenDocument Spreadsheet Document format
static Odt { get; } Open Document Text.
static Pdf { get; } Adobe Portable Document format.
static Png { get; } Portable Network Graphic File.
static Pps { get; } Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Show (Legacy).
static Ppsx { get; } Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Show.
static Ppt { get; } Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation.
static Pptx { get; } Microsoft PowerPoint Open XML Presentation.
static Rtf { get; } Rich Text Format File.
static Tif { get; } Tagged Image File.
static Tiff { get; } Tagged Image File Format
static Unknown { get; } Unknown.
static Vsd { get; } Microsoft Visio VSD binary format.
static Vsdm { get; } Microsoft Visio Macro-Enabled Drawing.
static Vsdx { get; } Microsoft Visio 2013 VSDX file format.
static Vss { get; } Microsoft Visio Stencil File.
static Vssx { get; } Microsoft Visio Stencil File.
static Vst { get; } Microsoft Visio VST binary template format.
static Vstm { get; } Microsoft Visio Macro-Enabled Drawing Template.
static Vsx { get; } Microsoft Visio Stencil XML File.
static Xls { get; } Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet format.
static Xlsb { get; } Excel Binary File Format
static Xlsm { get; } Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Macros format
static Xlsx { get; } Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet.
Extension { get; } File extention
FileFormat { get; } File format


Name Description
static FromFileNameOrExtension(string) Return FileType based on file name or extension.
Equals(FileType) File type equivalence check.
override Equals(object) Equivalence check with object.
override GetHashCode() Get hash code.
override ToString() Returns a string that represents the file type.
static GetSupportedFileTypes() Get supported file types enumeration.
operator == Operator overload.
operator != Operator overload.

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