The namespace provides classes to specify additional options for document conversion process.


Class Description
AudioConvertOptions Options for conversion to Audio type.
CadConvertOptions Options for conversion to Cad type.
CommonConvertOptions<TFileType> Abstract generic common conversion options class.
CompressionConvertOptions Options for conversion to Compression file type.
ConvertOptions The general conversion options class.
ConvertOptions<TFileType> Abstract generic conversion options class.
DiagramConvertOptions Options for conversion to Diagram file type.
EBookConvertOptions Options for conversion to EBook file type.
EmailConvertOptions Options for conversion to Email file type.
FinanceConvertOptions Options for conversion to finance type.
Font Font settings
FontConvertOptions Options for conversion to Font type.
GisConvertOptions Options for conversion to GIS type.
ImageConvertOptions Options for conversion to Image file type.
ImageFlipModes Describes image flip modes.
JpegOptions Options for conversion to Jpeg file type.
JpgColorModes Describes Jpg color modes enumeration.
JpgCompressionMethods Describes Jpg compression modes
NoConvertOptions Special convert option class, which instructs converter to copy source document without any processing
PageDescriptionLanguageConvertOptions Options for conversion to page descriptions language file type.
PageOrientation Specifies page orientation
PageSize Specifies page size
PdfConvertOptions Options for conversion to Pdf file type.
PdfDirection Describes Pdf text direction.
PdfDocumentInfo Represents meta information of PDF document.
PdfFontSubsetStrategy Specifies font subsetting strategy
PdfFormats Describes Pdf formats enumeration.
PdfFormattingOptions Defines Pdf formatting options.
PdfOptimizationOptions Defines Pdf optimization options.
PdfOptions Options for conversion to Pdf file type.
PdfPageLayout Describes Pdf page layout.
PdfPageMode Describes Pdf page mode
PdfRecognitionMode Allows to control how a PDF document is converted into a word processing document.
PresentationConvertOptions Describes options for conversion to Presentation file type.
ProjectManagementConvertOptions Options for conversion to Project management file type.
PsdColorModes Defines Psd color modes enumeration.
PsdCompressionMethods Describes Psd compression methods.
PsdOptions Options for converting to Psd file type.
Rotation Describes page rotation enumeration
RtfOptions Options for conversion to RTF file type.
SpreadsheetConvertOptions Options for conversion to Spreadsheet file type.
ThreeDConvertOptions Options for conversion to 3D type.
TiffCompressionMethods Describes Tiff compression methods enumeration.
TiffOptions Options for conversion to TIFF file type.
VideoConvertOptions Options for conversion to Video type.
WatermarkImageOptions Options for settings watermark to the converted document
WatermarkOptions Options for settings watermark to the converted document
WatermarkTextOptions Options for settings text watermark to the converted document
WebConvertOptions Options for conversion to Web file type.
WebpOptions Options for conversion to Webp file type.
WordProcessingConvertOptions Options for conversion to WordProcessing file type.


Interface Description
IConvertOptions Represents convert options
IPagedConvertOptions Represents convert options that allows conversion to perform page limitation by specifying start page and pages count
IPageMarginConvertOptions Represents convert options that support page margins
IPageOrientationConvertOptions Represents convert options that support page orientation
IPageRangedConvertOptions Represents convert options that support conversion of specific list of pages
IPageSizeConvertOptions Represents convert options that support page size
IPdfRecognitionModeOptions Represents convert options that control recognition mode when converting from PDF
IWatermarkedConvertOptions Represents convert options that allow output of conversion to be watermarked