The namespace provides members to instantiate and release output document, manage font substitutions etc.


Class Description
AudioDocumentInfo Contains Audio document metadata
Bzip2DocumentInfo Contains Bzip2 document metadata
CabDocumentInfo Contains Cab document metadata
CadDocumentInfo Contains Cad document metadata
CgmDocumentInfo Contains Cgm document metadata
CompressedDocumentStream Describes delegate to receive compressed document stream.
ConvertedDocumentStream Describes delegate to receive converted document stream.
ConvertedPageStream Describes delegate to receive converted document page stream.
ConvertOptionsProvider Describes delegate to provide convert options for specific source document. The delegate will be called before each conversion and provide a chance to provide specific convert options for desired target conversion. The decision could be made based on provided source file name and source file type.
CpioDocumentInfo Contains Cpio document metadata
CsvDocumentInfo Contains Csv document metadata
DiagramDocumentInfo Contains Diagram document metadata
DjVuDocumentInfo Contains DjVu document metadata
DocumentInfo Provides base implementation for retrieving polymorphic document information
EmailDocumentInfo Contains Email document metadata
Enumeration Generic enumeration class.
EpsDocumentInfo Contains Ps document metadata
EpubDocumentInfo Contains Epub document metadata
FontSubstitute Describes substitution for missing font.
GzipDocumentInfo Contains Gzip document metadata
IcoDocumentInfo Contains Ico document metadata
ImageDocumentInfo Contains Image document metadata
JsonDocumentInfo Contains Json document metadata
LzipDocumentInfo Contains Lzip document metadata
LzmaDocumentInfo Contains Lzma document metadata
MarkupDocumentInfo Contains Markup document metadata
NoteDocumentInfo Contains Note document metadata
PasswordProtectedDocumentInfo Provided document is password protected
PclDocumentInfo Contains Pcl document metadata
PdfDocumentInfo Contains Pdf document metadata
PersonalStorageDocumentInfo Contains personal storage document metadata
PossibleConversions Represents a mapping what conversion pairs are supported for specific source file format
PresentationDocumentInfo Contains Presentation document metadata
ProjectManagementDocumentInfo Contains ProjectManagement document metadata
PsdDocumentInfo Contains Psd document metadata
PsDocumentInfo Contains Ps document metadata
PublisherDocumentInfo Contains Publisher document metadata
RarDocumentInfo Contains Rar document metadata
SaveDocumentStream Describes delegate for saving converted document into stream.
SaveDocumentStreamForFileType Describes delegate for saving converted document into stream.
SavePageStream Describes delegate for saving converted document page into stream.
SavePageStreamForFileType Describes delegate for saving converted document page into stream.
SevenZipDocumentInfo Contains 7Zip document metadata
SpreadsheetDocumentInfo Contains Spreadsheet document metadata
SvgDocumentInfo Contains Svg document metadata
TableOfContentsItem Contains Table of contents item metadata
TarDocumentInfo Contains Tar document metadata
TargetConversion Represents possible target conversion and a flag is it a primary or secondary
TexDocumentInfo Contains Tex document metadata
ThreeDDocumentInfo Contains 3D document metadata
TsvDocumentInfo Contains Tsv document metadata
TxtDocumentInfo Contains Txt document metadata
ValueObject Abstract value object class.
VcfDocumentInfo Contains Vcf document metadata
VideoDocumentInfo Contains Video document metadata
WordProcessingDocumentInfo Contains WordProcessing document metadata
XmlDocumentInfo Contains Xml document metadata
XpsDocumentInfo Contains Xps document metadata
XslFoDocumentInfo Contains XslFo document metadata
XzDocumentInfo Contains Xz document metadata
ZDocumentInfo Contains Z document metadata
ZipDocumentInfo Contains compression document metadata


Interface Description
IDocumentInfo Contains metadata for a document.
IDocumentsContainerLoadOptions Loading options for documents container