The namespace provides interfaces for fluent conversion.


Interface Description
IConversionByPageCompleted Handle conversion page completed
IConversionByPageCompletedOrConvert Handle conversion completed or execute conversion
IConversionCompleted Handle conversion completed
IConversionCompletedOrConvert Handle conversion completed or execute conversion
IConversionCompressResult Can compress all conversion results in single archive
IConversionCompressResultCompleted Handle compression completed
IConversionCompressResultCompletedOrConvert Handle compression completed or execute conversion
IConversionConvert Execute conversion
IConversionConvertByPageOptions Conversion convert options
IConversionConvertOptionOrCompletedOrConvert Conversion convert options or conversion completed or execute
IConversionConvertOptionOrPageCompletedOrConvert Conversion convert options or conversion completed or execute
IConversionConvertOptions Conversion convert options
IConversionConvertOrCompress Compress or convert
IConversionFrom Setup source for conversion
IConversionGetDocumentInfo Gets source document info - pages count and other document properties specific to the file type.
IConversionGetPossibleConversions Gets possible conversions for the source document.
IConversionIsPasswordProtected Checks if source document is password protected
IConversionLoadOptions Conversion load options
IConversionLoadOptionsOrSourceDocumentLoaded Conversion load options or actions with loaded document
IConversionSettings Setup conversion settings
IConversionSettingsOrConversionFrom Conversion settings or conversion source
IConversionSourceDocumentLoaded Provides possible actions with loaded document
IConversionTo Set how converted document to be stored