RasterImageResourceBase class

Base class for any supported raster image with fixed name, dimensions, aspect ratio, type, size, and content.

public abstract class RasterImageResourceBase : IImageResource


Name Description
AspectRatio { get; } Returns an aspect ratio of this image as the width-to-height relation
ByteContent { get; } Returns content of this raster image as byte stream
FilenameWithExtension { get; } Returns correct filename of this raster image, which consists of name and extension. Theoretically can differ from the name.
IsDisposed { get; } Determines whether this raster image is disposed or not
Length { get; } Returns the length of this raster image file in bytes
LinearDimensions { get; } Returns linear dimensions of this raster image (width and height)
Name { get; } Returns name of this raster image. Usually doesn’t contain filename extension and theoretically can differ from filename.
TextContent { get; } Returns content of this raster image as base64-encoded string
abstract Type { get; } In implementing type should return information about type of the raster image


Name Description
Dispose() Disposes this raster image, disposing its content and making most methods and properties non-working
Equals(IHtmlResource) Checks this instance with specified on reference equality.
GenerateBitmap() Generates and returns a new instance of the ‘System.Drawing.Bitmap’ from this raster image.
ReduceToNewHeight(ushort) Creates and returns a new reduced image resource of the same type, but with specified new reduced height and proportionally reduced width.
Save(string) Saves this raster image to the specified file


Name Description
event Disposed Event, which occurs when this raster image is disposed

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