PdfSaveOptions class

Allows to specify custom options for generating and saving PDF (Portable Document Format) documents

public sealed class PdfSaveOptions : ISaveOptions


Name Description
PdfSaveOptions() The default constructor.


Name Description
Compliance { get; set; } Specifies the PDF standards compliance level for output documents. Default is PdfCompliance.Pdf17.
FontEmbedding { get; set; } Responsible for embedding font resources, which are used in the original document, into the resultant PDF document. By default doesn’t embed any fonts (NotEmbed).
OptimizeMemoryUsage { get; set; } Enables memory optimization mechanisms during document generation from HTML, which degrades performance in as a cost of decreasing memory usage. Setting this option to true can significantly decrease memory consumption while generating large documents at the cost of slower saving time. Default is false (memory optimization is disabled for the sake of better performance).
Password { get; set; } Password, which will be applied to the generated PDF document as user password, required for opening. If NULL or empty, no password will be applied to the document. Otherwise, document will be encrypted with RC4 (key length of 128 bit). By default is NULL — password is not applied.

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