PresentationSaveOptions class

Allows to specify custom options for generating and saving Presentation (PowerPoint-compatible) documents

public sealed class PresentationSaveOptions : ISaveOptions


Name Description
PresentationSaveOptions() This parameterless constructor creates a new instance of PresentationSaveOptions with PPTX output format (can be modified then through OutputFormat property)
PresentationSaveOptions(PresentationFormats) Creates a new instance of PresentationSaveOptions with specified mandatory Presentation output format, while all other parameters are default


Name Description
InsertAsNewSlide { get; set; } Boolean flag, which specifies whether edited slide should replace the existing slide in original presentation on the position, specified by the SlideNumber property, or it should be injected between existing slide and previous one, without replacing its content. By default is false — existing slide will be replaced. This property is ignored, if value of SlideNumber property is set to ‘0’.
OutputFormat { get; set; } Allows to specify a Presentation format, which will be used for saving the document
Password { get; set; } Allows to specify, modify and obtain the password, which will be used for encoding the resultant Presentation document. By default is NULL - password will not be set. Set to NULL or empty string in order to remove the password, if it was set previously.
SlideNumber { get; set; } Allows to insert edited slide into existing presentation instead of creating a new single-slide presentation (default behavior). Slide number is a 1-based number of a slide in the presentation, loaded in the Editor class. If it is 0 (default value), the new presentation will be created with single edited slide. If it is greater or lesser then zero, and there is valid presentation, loaded in the Editor class, the edited slide, stored inside input EditableDocument instance, will be inserted into this presentation.


Instance of this class should be passed into the Save method in order to save edited presentation into the final document of some Presentation-specific format. Its constructor has one mandatory parameter — format of the output Presentation. All other parameters are optional and may be omitted.

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