The com.groupdocs.editor.formats namespace provides interfaces and classes that describes supported document formats.


Class Description
EBookFormats Encapsulates all eBook formats.
EmailFormats Encapsulates all emails formats.
FixedLayoutFormats Encapsulates all fixed-layout (also know as “fixed-page”) formats, which includes PDF and XPS (this does not include raster images)
PresentationFormats Encapsulates all Presentation formats.
SpreadsheetFormats Encapsulates all binary, XML and textual Spreadsheet formats (excluding all textual delimiter-based formats with separator like CSV, TSV, semicolon-delimited etc.), in which the workbook can be saved.
TextualFormats Encapsulates all textual (text-based) formats, including markup (XML, HTML) and others.
WordProcessingFormats Encapsulates all WordProcessing formats.


Interface Description
IDocumentFormat Root interface for all supporting document formats