GroupDocs.Signature for Node.js via Java

Version: 24.5


Package Description
com.groupdocs.metadata The com.groupdocs.metadata namespace is the entry point to all features of the library.
com.groupdocs.metadata.core The com.groupdocs.metadata.core namespace provides main classes allowing working with metadata in all supported formats.
com.groupdocs.metadata.export The com.groupdocs.metadata.export namespace contains classes that allow users to export metadata properties to different representations.
com.groupdocs.metadata.imports The com.groupdocs.metadata.imports namespace contains classes that allow users to import metadata properties to different representations.
com.groupdocs.metadata.licensing The com.groupdocs.metadata.licensing namespace provides classes for licensing the Metadata library.
com.groupdocs.metadata.options The com.groupdocs.metadata.options namespace contains all classes representing settings that allow users to control file and metadata processing. The namespace contains base classes, utility classes and interfaces used across all formats and metadata standards.
com.groupdocs.metadata.tagging The com.groupdocs.metadata.tagging namespace contains various sets of tags with which most important metadata properties are marked.The tags allow users to find and update metadata properties in different packages regardless of the metadata standard and file format.