The package provides load and save options classes.


Class Description
LoadOptions Provides options that will be used to open a file.
PreviewOptions Provides options to sets requirements and stream delegates for preview generation.
RasterizationOptions Provides options for converting files into PDF.
RedactorSettings Represents redaction settings, allowing to customize the redaction process.
SaveOptions Provides options for changing an output file name and/or converting the document to image-based PDF (rasterization).


Interface Description
ICreatePageStream Provides method that returns a stream to write page preview data.
ILogger Defines interface of a logger that can be used for logging events and errors in process of redaction.
IReleasePageStream Represents a method which releases stream created by CreatePageStream delegate.


Enum Description
AdvancedRasterizationOptions An enumeration to manage the advanced rasterization options to be applied.
PdfComplianceLevel Represents a list of supported PDF compliance levels.
PreviewFormats Represents supported preview formats.