The package provides classes for different types of redactions.


Class Description
AnnotationRedaction Represents a redaction that replaces annotation text (comments, etc.) matching a given regular expression.
CellColumnRedaction Represents a text redaction that replaces text in a spreadsheet documents (CSV, Excel, etc.).
CellFilter Provides an option to limit the scope of a CellColumnRedaction to a worksheet and a column.
DeleteAnnotationRedaction Represents a text redaction that deletes annotations if text is matching given regular expression (optionally deletes all annotations).
EraseMetadataRedaction Represents a metadata redaction that erases all metadata or metadata matching specific MetadataFilters from the document.
ExactPhraseRedaction Represents a text redaction that replaces exact phrase in the document’s text, case insensitive by default.
ImageAreaRedaction Represents a redaction that places colored rectangle in given area of an image document.
MetadataFilters Represents a list of the most common types of document metadata.
MetadataRedaction Represents a base abstract class for document metadata redactions.
MetadataSearchRedaction Represents a metadata redaction that searches and redacts metadata using regular expressions, matching keys and/or values.
PageAreaFilter Represents redaction filter, setting an area within a page of a document to apply redaction.
PageAreaRedaction Represents a complex textual redaction that affects text, images and annotations in an area of the page.
PageRangeFilter Represents redaction filter, setting page range inside a document to apply redaction.
RedactionDescription Represents a single change action info that performed during redaction process.
RedactionFilter Represents redaction filter, setting scope inside a document to apply redactions.
RedactionType Represents a type of document’s data, affected by redaction.
RegexRedaction Represents a text redaction that searches and replaces text in the document by matching provided regular expression.
RegionReplacementOptions Represents color and area parameters for image region replacement.
RemovePageRedaction Represents a redaction that removes a page (slide, worksheet, etc.) from a document.
ReplacementOptions Represents options for matched text replacement.
TextRedaction Represents a base abstract class for document text redactions.
TextReplacement Represents a textual replacement information.


Interface Description
IRedactionCallback Defines methods that are required for receiving information on each redaction change and optionally prevent it.


Enum Description
PageSeekOrigin Provides the fields that represent reference points in a document for seeking.
RedactionActionType Represents actions that can be taken to perform redaction.
ReplacementType Represents a type of replacement for the matched text.