The package provides classes for redacting sensitive information from documents in PDF, raster image and office document formats.

The main classes in this package are:

  • Redactor is the entry point for redaction process.
  • Redaction is abstract base class for all types of document redactions.
  • RedactionPolicy is pre-configured in XML set of redaction rules.
  • RedactorChangeLog provides information about redaction process results.


Class Description
DocumentInfo Represents an information about document.
FileType Represents a file type.
PageInfo Represents a brief page information.
Redaction Represents a base abstract class for all redaction types.
RedactionPolicy Represents a sanitization policy, containing a set of specific redactions to apply.
RedactionResult Represents a result of the redaction operation.
Redactor Represents a main class that controls document redaction process, allowing to open, redact and save documents.
RedactorChangeLog Represents results for a list of redactions, passed to Apply() method of Redactor class.
RedactorLogEntry Represents results of applying redaction.


Interface Description
IDocumentInfo Defines methods that are required for getting basic document information.


Enum Description
RedactionStatus Represents a redaction completion status.