DocumentTableColumnCollection class

Represents a read-only collection of DocumentTableColumn objects of a particular DocumentTable instance.

public class DocumentTableColumnCollection : IEnumerable


Name Description
Count { get; } Gets the total number of DocumentTableColumn objects in the collection.
Item { get; } Gets a DocumentTableColumn instance from the collection at the specified index. (2 indexers)


Name Description
Contains(DocumentTableColumn) Returns a value indicating whether this collection contains the specified column.
Contains(string) Returns a value indicating whether this collection contains a column with the specified name.
GetEnumerator() Returns an enumerator to iterate DocumentTableColumn objects of this collection.
IndexOf(DocumentTableColumn) Returns the index of the specified column within this collection.
IndexOf(string) Returns the index of a column with the specified name within this collection.


The collection is filled automatically while loading the corresponding table from a document and can not be modified. However, properties of DocumentTableColumn objects contained within the collection can be modified.

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