ChangeInfo class

Represents information about change.

public class ChangeInfo


Name Description
ChangeInfo() The default constructor.


Name Description
Authors { get; set; } List of Authors.
Box { get; set; } Coordinates of changed element.
ComparisonAction { get; set; } Action (accept or reject). This field tells comparison what to do with this change.
ComponentType { get; set; } Type of changed component.
Id { get; set; } Id of change.
PageInfo { get; set; } Page where current change is placed.
SourceText { get; set; } Changed text of source document.
StyleChanges { get; set; } Array of style changes.
TargetText { get; set; } Changed text of target document.
Text { get; set; } Text value of change.
Type { get; } Type of change.

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