FileType class

Represents file type. Provides methods to obtain list of all file types supported by GroupDocs.Comparison, detect file type by extension etc.

public sealed class FileType : IEquatable<FileType>


Name Description
Extension { get; } File extention
FileFormat { get; } File format


Name Description
static FromFileNameOrExtension(string) Return FileType based on file name or extension
Equals(FileType) File type equivalence check
override Equals(object) Equivalence check with object
override GetHashCode() Get hash code
override ToString() ToString
static GetSupportedFileTypes() Get supported file types enumeration
operator == Operator overload
operator != Operator overload


Name Description
static readonly AS ActionScript Programming Language format
static readonly AS3 ActionScript Programming Language format
static readonly ASM ASM format
static readonly BASH Type of interpreter that processes shell commands
static readonly BASHRC File determines the behavior of interactive shells
static readonly BAT Script file in DOS, OS/2 and Microsoft Windows
static readonly BMP Bitmap Picture
static readonly BOWERRC Configuration file for package control on the server-side
static readonly C C-Based Programming Language format
static readonly CAD CAD file format
static readonly CAKE CSharp cross-platform build automation system format
static readonly CC C-Based Programming Language format
static readonly CFG Configuration file used for storing settings
static readonly CMAKE Tool for managing the build process of software
static readonly CMD Script file in DOS, OS/2 and Microsoft Windows
static readonly CONF Configuration file used on Unix and Linux based systems
static readonly CPP C-Based Programming Language format
static readonly CPY Controller Python Script format
static readonly CS CSharp Programming Language format
static readonly CSV Comma Separated Values File
static readonly CSX CSharp script file format
static readonly CTP CakePHP Template format
static readonly CXX C-Based Programming Language format
static readonly DCM Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
static readonly DIFF Data comparison tool format
static readonly DIR Directory is a location for storing files on computer
static readonly DJVU Deja Vu format
static readonly DOC Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document
static readonly DOCM Microsoft Word Macro-Enabled Document
static readonly DOCX Microsoft Word Document
static readonly DOT Microsoft Word 97-2003 Template
static readonly DOTM Microsoft Word Macro-Enabled Template
static readonly DOTX Microsoft Word Template
static readonly DSQL Dynamic Structured Query Language format
static readonly DWG Autodesk Design Data Formats
static readonly DXF AutoCAD Drawing Interchange
static readonly EBUILD Specialized bash script which automates compilation and installation procedures for software packages
static readonly EML E-mail Message
static readonly EMLX Apple Mail E-mail File
static readonly ERB Ruby Programming Language format
static readonly ES6 JavaScript standardised scripting language format
static readonly GEMSPEC Developer file that specifies the attributes of a RubyGems
static readonly GIF Graphics Interchange Format
static readonly GRADLE Build-automation system format
static readonly GROOVY Source code file written in Groovy format
static readonly GVY Source code file written in Groovy format
static readonly GYP Build automation tool format
static readonly GYPI Build automation tool format
static readonly H C-Based header files contain definitions of Functions and Variables
static readonly HAML Markup language for simplified HTML generation
static readonly HAR The HTTP Archive format
static readonly HH Header information referenced by a C++ source code file
static readonly HPP Header Files that are written in the C++ programming language
static readonly HTML HyperText Markup Language
static readonly HXX Header Files that are written in the C++ programming language
static readonly IPY IPython Script format
static readonly JAVA Java Programming Language format
static readonly JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group
static readonly JS JavaScript Programming Language format
static readonly JSCSRC JavaScript configuration file format
static readonly JSHINTRC JavaScript code quality tool
static readonly JSMAP JSON file that contains information on how to translate code back to source code
static readonly JSON Lightweight format for storing and transporting data
static readonly LESS Dynamic preprocessor style sheet language format
static readonly LOG Logging keeps a registry of events, processes, messages and communication
static readonly MAKE Makefile is a file containing a set of directives used by a make build automation tool to generate a target/goal
static readonly MARKDN Markdown Language format
static readonly MARKDOWN Markdown Language format
static readonly MD Markdown Language format
static readonly MDOWN Markdown Language format
static readonly MDTEXT Markdown Language format
static readonly MDTXT Markdown Language format
static readonly MDWN Markdown Language format
static readonly MHTML Mime HTML
static readonly MJS Extension for EcmaScript (ES) module files
static readonly MK Makefile is a file containing a set of directives used by a make build automation tool to generate a target/goal
static readonly MKD Markdown Language format
static readonly ML Caml Programming Language format
static readonly MLI Caml Programming Language format
static readonly MOBI Mobipocket e-book format
static readonly MSG Microsoft Outlook E-mail Message
static readonly NQP Intermediate language used to build the Rakudo Perl 6 compiler
static readonly OBJC Objective-C Programming Language format
static readonly OBJCP Objective-C++ Programming Language format
static readonly ODP OpenDocument Presentation
static readonly ODS OpenDocument Spreadsheet
static readonly ODT OpenDocument Text
static readonly ONE Microsoft OneNote Document
static readonly OTP OpenDocument Presentation Template
static readonly OTT OpenDocument Text Template
static readonly P6 Perl Programming Language format
static readonly PAC Proxy Auto-Configuration file for JavaScript function format
static readonly PATCH List of differences format
static readonly PDF Adobe Portable Document format
static readonly PHP PHP Programming Language format
static readonly PHP4 PHP Programming Language format
static readonly PHP5 PHP Programming Language format
static readonly PHTML Standard file extension for PHP 2 programs format
static readonly PL Perl Programming Language format
static readonly PL6 Perl Programming Language format
static readonly PM Perl module format
static readonly PM6 Perl module format
static readonly PNG Portable Network Graphics
static readonly POD Perl lightweight markup language format
static readonly PODSPEC Ruby build settings format
static readonly POT Microsoft PowerPoint template
static readonly POTX Microsoft PowerPoint Template
static readonly PPS Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 Slide Show
static readonly PPSX Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Show
static readonly PPT Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation
static readonly PPTX Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
static readonly PROP Properties file format
static readonly PSGI Interface between web servers and web applications and frameworks written in the Perl programming
static readonly PY Python Programming Language format
static readonly PYI Python Interface file format
static readonly PYW Files used in Windows to indicate a script needs to be run
static readonly RAKE Ruby build automation tool
static readonly RB Ruby Programming Language format
static readonly RBI Ruby Interface file format
static readonly REJ Rejected files format
static readonly RJS Ruby Programming Language format
static readonly RPY Python-based file engine to create and run games
static readonly RST Lightweight markup language
static readonly RTF Rich Text Document
static readonly RU Rack configuration file format
static readonly SASS Style sheet language format
static readonly SBT SBT build tool for Scala format
static readonly SC Scala worksheet format
static readonly SCALA Scala Programming Language format
static readonly SCSS Style sheet language format
static readonly SH Script programmed for bash format
static readonly SQL Structured Query Language format
static readonly SVG Scalar Vector Graphics
static readonly T Perl test file format
static readonly TXT Plain Text Document
static readonly UNKNOWN Unknown type
static readonly VDX Microsoft Visio 2003-2010 XML Drawing
static readonly VIM Vim source code file format
static readonly VSD Microsoft Visio 2003-2010 Drawing
static readonly VSDX Microsoft Visio Drawing
static readonly VSS Microsoft Visio 2003-2010 Stencil
static readonly VST Microsoft Visio 2003-2010 Template
static readonly WEBMANIFEST Manifest file includes information about the app
static readonly XLS Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Worksheet
static readonly XLSB Microsoft Excel Binary Worksheet
static readonly XLSM Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Worksheet
static readonly XLSX Microsoft Excel Worksheet
static readonly XLT Microsoft Excel template
static readonly XLTM Microsoft Excel macro-enabled template
static readonly YAML Human-readable data-serialization language format
static readonly YML Human-readable data-serialization language format


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