The namespace provides classes that allows to specify additional options for documents comparison process.


Class Description
ApplyChangeOptions Allows to update the list of changes before applying them to the resulting document.
CompareOptions Allows to set different compare options.
DiagramMasterSetting Diagram master settings.
FileAuthorMetadata Information about document’s author metadata.
GetChangeOptions The option allows to filter changes by type.
LoadOptions Allows to specify additional options when loading a document.
OriginalSize Represents original page size. Used only for comparing image with different formats.
PreviewOptions Represents document preview options.
SaveOptions Allows to specify additional options (such as password) when saving a document.
Size Document size.
StyleSettings Style settings. Allows to define style rules for changes. Used in CompareOptions class.


Enumeration Description
CalculateCoordinatesModeEnumeration Enumerates the type of coordinates calculation.
ChangeType Specifies change type.
DetalisationLevel Specifies the level of comparison details.
FolderComparisonExtension Folder extensions.
MetadataType Determines from where result document will take metadata information
PaperSize The option to set the Paper size of the result document after comparison.
PasswordSaveOption Specifies the password save option.
PreviewFormats Document preview supported formats.