PageImageArea class

Represents a page image area which is used to represent an image on the page in the parsing by template functionality or an image attachment if images are extracted from emails or Zip archives.

public sealed class PageImageArea : PageArea


Name Description
PageImageArea(Stream, FileType, double) Initializes a new instance of the PageImageArea class.
PageImageArea(Stream, FileType, double, Page, Rectangle) Initializes a new instance of the PageImageArea class.


Name Description
FileType { get; } Gets the format of the image.
Page { get; } Gets the document page information such as page index and page size.
Rectangle { get; } Gets the rectangular area.
Rotation { get; } Gets the rotation angle of the image.


Name Description
GetImageStream() Returns the image stream.
GetImageStream(ImageOptions) Returns the image stream in a different format.
Save(string) Saves the image to the file.
Save(string, ImageOptions) Saves the image to the file in a different format.


An instance of PageImageArea class is used as return value of the following methods:

See the usage examples there.

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