FileType class

Represents a file type. Provides methods to obtain a list of all file types supported by GroupDocs.Redaction, detect file type by extension, etc.

public sealed class FileType : IEquatable<FileType>


Name Description
static BMP { get; } Bitmap Image File (.bmp)
static CSV { get; } Comma Separated Values File (.csv)
static DOC { get; } Microsoft Word Document (.doc)
static DOCM { get; } Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document (.docm)
static DOCX { get; } Microsoft Word Open XML Document (.docx)
static DOT { get; } Word Document Template (.dot)
static DOTM { get; } Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document Template (.dotm)
static DOTX { get; } Word Open XML Document Template (.dotx)
static GIF { get; } Graphical Interchange Format File (.gif)
static HTM { get; } Hypertext Markup Language File (.htm)
static HTML { get; } Hypertext Markup Language File (.html)
static JP2 { get; } JPEG 2000 Core Image File (.jp2)
static JPEG { get; } JPEG Image (.jpeg)
static JPG { get; } JPEG Image (.jpg)
static MD { get; } Markdown Documentation File (.md)
static NUMBERS { get; } Apple Numbers Spreadsheet (.numbers)
static ODP { get; } OpenDocument Presentation (.odp)
static ODS { get; } OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ods)
static ODT { get; } OpenDocument Text Document (.odt)
static OTS { get; } OpenDocument Spreadsheet Template (.ots)
static OTT { get; } OpenDocument Document Template (.ott)
static PDF { get; } Portable Document Format File (.pdf)
static PNG { get; } Portable Network Graphic (.png)
static PPT { get; } PowerPoint Presentation (.ppt)
static PPTX { get; } PowerPoint Open XML Presentation (.pptx)
static RTF { get; } Rich Text Format File (.rtf)
static TIF { get; } Tagged Image File (.tif)
static TIFF { get; } Tagged Image File Format (.tiff)
static TSV { get; } Tab Separated Values File (.tsv)
static TXT { get; } Plain Text File (.txt)
static Unknown { get; } Represents unknown file type.
static XLS { get; } Excel Spreadsheet (.xls)
static XLSB { get; } Excel Binary Spreadsheet (.xlsb)
static XLSM { get; } Excel Open XML Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet (.xlsm)
static XLSX { get; } Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet (.xlsx)
Extension { get; } Gets filename suffix (including the period “.”), for instance “.doc”.
FileFormat { get; } Gets file type name, for example “Microsoft Word Document”.


Name Description
static FromExtension(string) Maps file extension to file type.
Equals(FileType) Determines whether the current FileType is the same as specified FileType object.
override Equals(object) Determines whether the current FileType is the same as specified object.
override GetHashCode() Returns the hash code for the current FileType object.
override ToString() Returns a string that represents the current object.
static GetSupportedFileTypes() Retrieves supported file types
operator == Determines whether two FileType objects are the same.
operator != Determines whether two FileType objects are not the same.


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