The Redactions namespace provides classes for different types of redactions.


Class Description
AnnotationRedaction Represents a redaction that replaces annotation text (comments, etc.) matching a given regular expression.
CellColumnRedaction Represents a text redaction that replaces text in a spreadsheet documents (CSV, Excel, etc.).
CellFilter Provides an option to limit the scope of a CellColumnRedaction to a worksheet and a column.
DeleteAnnotationRedaction Represents a text redaction that deletes annotations if text is matching given regular expression (optionally deletes all annotations).
EraseMetadataRedaction Represents a metadata redaction that erases all metadata or metadata matching specific MetadataFilters from the document.
ExactPhraseRedaction Represents a text redaction that replaces exact phrase in the document’s text, case insensitive by default.
ImageAreaRedaction Represents a redaction that places colored rectangle in given area of an image document.
MetadataRedaction Represents a base abstract class for document metadata redactions.
MetadataSearchRedaction Represents a metadata redaction that searches and redacts metadata using regular expressions, matching keys and/or values.
PageAreaFilter Represents redaction filter, setting an area within a page of a document to apply redaction.
PageAreaRedaction Represents a complex textual redaction that affects text, images and annotations in an area of the page.
PageRangeFilter Represents redaction filter, setting page range inside a document to apply redaction.
RedactionDescription Represents a single change action info that performed during redaction process.
RedactionFilter Represents redaction filter, setting scope inside a document to apply redactions.
RegexRedaction Represents a text redaction that searches and replaces text in the document by matching provided regular expression.
RegionReplacementOptions Represents color and area parameters for image region replacement. See ImageAreaRedaction.
RemovePageRedaction Represents a redaction that removes a page (slide, worksheet, etc.) from a document.
ReplacementOptions Represents options for matched text replacement.
TextRedaction Represents a base abstract class for document text redactions.
TextReplacement Represents a textual replacement information.


Interface Description
IRedactionCallback Defines methods that are required for receiving information on each redaction change and optionally prevent it.


Enumeration Description
MetadataFilters Represents a list of the most common types of document metadata.
PageSeekOrigin Provides the fields that represent reference points in a document for seeking.
RedactionActionType Represents actions that can be taken to perform redaction.
RedactionType Represents a type of document’s data, affected by redaction.
ReplacementType Represents a type of replacement for the matched text.