GroupDocs.Redaction for .NET


Namespace Description
GroupDocs.Redaction The Redaction namespace provides classes for redacting sensitive information from documents in PDF, raster image and office document formats. The main classes in this namespace are:
GroupDocs.Redaction.Configuration The Configuration namespace provides document format configuration classes.
GroupDocs.Redaction.Exceptions The Exceptions namespace provides different exceptions classes.
GroupDocs.Redaction.Integration The Integration namespace provides interfaces and classes, used to integrate documents of different formats with GroupDocs.Redaction.
GroupDocs.Redaction.Integration.Ocr The Ocr namespace provides interfaces and classes, required for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) support.
GroupDocs.Redaction.Options The Options namespace provides load and save options classes.
GroupDocs.Redaction.Redactions The Redactions namespace provides classes for different types of redactions.