PdfTextStickerAppearance class

Describes appearance of PDF text annotation sticker object and pop-up window of sticker.

public sealed class PdfTextStickerAppearance : SignatureAppearance


Name Description
PdfTextStickerAppearance() Creates PDF signature text annotation appearance object.


Name Description
static DefaultAppearance { get; } Gets default appearance for sticker. These properties are applied as default if Options.SignatureAppearance property is not specified. The properties could be changed by user any time.
Contents { get; set; } Gets or sets the contents of pop-up window.
Icon { get; set; } Gets or sets the icon of sticker.
Opened { get; set; } Setup if sticker pop-up window will be opened by default.
Subject { get; set; } Gets or sets subject.
Title { get; set; } Gets or sets title of pop-up window.


Name Description
static ResetDefaultAppearance() Clears values of default appearance for sticker.

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