The namespace provides classes for working with watermarks in Visio documents.


Class Description
DiagramContent Represents a Visio document.
DiagramFormattedTextFragment Represents a fragment of formatted text in a Visio document.
DiagramFormattedTextFragmentCollection Represents a collection of formatted text fragments in a Visio document.
DiagramHeaderFooter Represents a header/footer in a Visio document.
DiagramHeaderFooterFont Represents a font that is used in Visio header/footer.
DiagramHyperlink Represents a hyperlink in a Visio document.
DiagramHyperlinkCollection Represents a collection of hyperlinks in a Visio document.
DiagramPage Represents a Visio document page.
DiagramPageCollection Represents a collection of pages in a Visio document.
DiagramShape Represents a drawing shape in a Visio document.
DiagramShapeCollection Represents a collection of drawing shapes in a Visio document.
DiagramWatermarkableImage Represents an image inside a Visio document.


Enumeration Description
DiagramWatermarkPlacementType Specifies to what pages a watermark should be added.