The namespace provides classes for working with watermarks in PowerPoint documents.


Class Description
PresentationBaseShape Provides the abstract base class for shapes of all types in a PowerPoint document.
PresentationBaseSlide Provides the abstract base class for slides of all types in a PowerPoint document.
PresentationChart Represents a chart in a PowerPoint document.
PresentationChartCollection Represents a collection of charts in a PowerPoint document.
PresentationContent Represents a PowerPoint document where a watermark can be placed.
PresentationFormattedTextFragment Represents a fragment of formatted text in a PowerPoint document.
PresentationFormattedTextFragmentCollection Represents a collection of formatted text fragments in a PowerPoint document.
PresentationImageFillFormat Represents the image fill format settings in a PowerPoint document.
PresentationLayoutSlide Represents a PowerPoint content layout slide.
PresentationLayoutSlideCollection Represents a collection of layout slides in a PowerPoint document.
PresentationMasterHandoutSlide Represents a master handout slide in a PowerPoint content.
PresentationMasterNotesSlide Represents a master slide for all notes slides in a PowerPoint document.
PresentationMasterSlide Represents a PowerPoint document master slide.
PresentationMasterSlideCollection Represents a collection of master slides in a PowerPoint document.
PresentationNotesSlide Represents a PowerPoint document notes slide.
PresentationShape Represents a drawing shape in a PowerPoint document.
PresentationShapeCollection Represents a collection of drawing shapes in a PowerPoint document.
PresentationShapeSettings Represents settings that can be applied to a shape watermark for a PowerPoint document.
PresentationSlide Represents a PowerPoint document slide.
PresentationSlideCollection Represents a collection of slides in a PowerPoint document.
PresentationSlideImageFillFormat Represents the image fill format settings for a slide in a PowerPoint document.
PresentationWatermarkableImage Represents an image inside a PowerPoint document.


Interface Description
IPresentationHyperlinkContainer Represents PowerPoint document object that contains a hyperlink.


Enumeration Description
PresentationHyperlinkActionType Specifies hyperlink action type.
PresentationShapeType Represents a shape geometry preset type.