MetadataFilters enumeration

Represents a list of the most common types of document metadata.

public enum MetadataFilters


Name Value Description
None 0 Empty filter setting, matches no metadata items.
Author 1 Author of the document.
Category 2 Category of the document.
Comments 4 Comment for the document.
Company 8 Company of the Author.
ContentStatus 10 Content status.
CreatedTime 20 Created time.
HyperlinkBase 40 Hyperlink base.
LastPrinted 80 Last printed date and time.
LastSavedBy 100 Last saved by user.
LastSavedTime 400 Last saved date and time.
NameOfApplication 800 Name of application where the document was created.
Manager 1000 Author’s manager name.
RevisionNumber 2000 Revision number.
Subject 4000 Subject of the document.
Template 8000 Document template name.
Title 10000 Document title.
TotalEditingTime 20000 Total editing time.
Version 40000 Document’s version.
Description 80000 Document’s description.
Keywords 100000 Document’s keywords.
ContentType 200000 Content type.
All 7FFFFFFF All types of the metadata items.


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