PageAreaRedaction class

Represents a complex textual redaction that affects text, images and annotations in an area of the page.

public class PageAreaRedaction : RegexRedaction


Name Description
PageAreaRedaction(Regex, ReplacementOptions) Initializes a new instance of PageAreaRedaction class.
PageAreaRedaction(Regex, ReplacementOptions, RegionReplacementOptions) Initializes a new instance of PageAreaRedaction class.


Name Description
ActionOptions { get; } Gets the ReplacementOptions instance, specifying type of text replacement.
override Description { get; } Returns a string, describing the redaction and its parameters.
ImageOptions { get; } Gets the RegionReplacementOptions options with color and area parameters.
OcrConnector { get; set; } Gets or sets the IOcrConnector implementation, required to extract text from graphic content.
RegularExpression { get; } Gets the regular expression to match.


Name Description
override ApplyTo(DocumentFormatInstance) Applies the redaction to a given format instance.


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