Provides exceptions which can be thrown during comparison process in GroupDocs.Comparison.

The main exception classes in this package are:

The exceptions in this package provide specific error handling and reporting for common operations in GroupDocs.Comparison. They allow for more granular error detection and handling, enabling developers to respond appropriately to different error scenarios.

For more details on working with revisions and tracked changes in Word documents using GroupDocs.Comparison for Java, please refer to the GroupDocs.Comparison Documentation.


Class Description
ComparisonException Base class for all exception that is thrown while using Comparison API.
DocumentComparisonException The exception that is thrown when an error occurs while comparing documents.
FileFormatException The exception that is thrown when comparing files with different comparison types.
InvalidPasswordException The exception that is thrown when specified password is incorrect.
PasswordProtectedFileException The exception that is thrown when document is protected by password but the password was not provided.
UnsupportedFileFormatException The exception that is thrown when file of this format is not supported by Comparison.