Provides enumerations for various options and settings in GroupDocs.Comparison.

The classes in this package contain enumerations that define different options and settings used in GroupDocs.Comparison for customization and configuration purposes. These enumerations are used as parameters in various methods and classes to control the behavior and appearance of the document comparison process.

Some of the key enumerations in this package include ChangeType,, and more. These enumerations allow you to get the type of changes, the style of comparison and other options for the document comparison process.

For more details on the available options and how to use them in GroupDocs.Comparison, please refer to the GroupDocs.Comparison Documentation.


Enum Description
ComparisonType Represents the type of comparison to be performed.
FolderComparisonExtension The FolderComparisonExtension class is an enumeration that represents different file extensions that can be used in folder comparison.
MetadataType Determines from where the result document will take metadata information.
PaperSize Represents the paper size options for document comparison.
PasswordSaveOption Enumerates the options for saving password information in a document during the comparison process.
PreviewFormats Enumerates the supported preview formats for document comparison.