Provides classes and interfaces for representing revisions and tracked changes in Word documents during the comparison process in GroupDocs.Comparison for Java.

The classes in this package are used to represent revisions and tracked changes made to Word documents during the comparison process. These revisions include insertions, deletions, formatting changes, and other modifications to the document content.

The key classes in this package include RevisionHandler, RevisionAction, and RevisionInfo.

By using the classes and interfaces in this package, you can access, analyze, and manipulate revisions and tracked changes in Word documents.

For more details on working with revisions and tracked changes in Word documents using GroupDocs.Comparison for Java, please refer to the GroupDocs.Comparison Documentation.


Class Description
ApplyRevisionOptions The ApplyRevisionOptions class allows you to update the state of revisions before they are applied to the final document.
RevisionHandler Represents a class that controls the handling of revisions.
RevisionInfo Represents a revision in the document.


Enum Description
RevisionAction Represents an action that can be applied to a revision.
RevisionType Represents the types of revisions in a document.