Provides classes and interfaces for configuring various options and settings related to document comparison. These options include comparison settings, load options, save options, style settings, and more. Use these classes to customize the behavior and appearance of the document comparison process.

Key classes in this package:

  • CompareOptions - Represents the options for document comparison.
  • LoadOptions - Represents the options for loading documents.
  • SaveOptions - Represents the options for saving comparison results.
  • StyleSettings - Represents style settings for text formatting.

For more details on working with options classes using GroupDocs.Comparison for Java, please refer to the GroupDocs.Comparison Documentation.


Class Description
ApplyChangeOptions Allows updating the list of changes before applying them to the resulting document.
CompareOptions Allows configuring the process of document comparison.
FileAuthorMetadata Allows configuring information about the document’s author metadata.
GetChangeOptions Allows configuring filtering for retrieving specific change types from the comparison result.
OriginalSize Represents the original size of a document in a comparison result.
PreviewOptions Provides options for generating document previews in the comparison process.