Provides classes and options for styling and configuring the visual appearance of the document comparison output in GroupDocs.Comparison.

The classes in this package are used to define and customize various styling aspects of the document comparison output, such as colors, highlighting, underlining, and more. They allow you to control the visual appearance of added, deleted, and modified content in the comparison result.

The key class in this package include StyleSettings. Classes in the package provide methods and properties to define and configure the style settings for different components and elements of the comparison result. You can set font styles, colors, highlighting, underlining, and other formatting options to achieve the desired visual representation of the changes.

For more details on styling and configuring the appearance of the document comparison output using GroupDocs.Comparison, please refer to the GroupDocs.Comparison Documentation.


Class Description
DiagramMasterSetting Represents the settings for diagram master comparison.
Size Represents the size of document in comparison.
StyleSettings This class represents style settings for text formatting.


Enum Description
DetalisationLevel Specifies the level of comparison details.