EmailFileType class

Defines Email file formats that are used by email applications to store their various data including email messages, attachments, folders, address books etc. Includes the following file types: Eml, Emlx, Msg, Vcf. Mbox. Pst. Ost. Olm. Learn more about Email formats here.

public sealed class EmailFileType : FileType


Name Description
EmailFileType() Serialization constructor


Name Description
Description { get; } File type description
Extension { get; } The file extension
Family { get; } The file family
FileFormat { get; } The file format


Name Description
CompareTo(object) Compares current object to other.
override Equals(Enumeration) Implements Equals
override Equals(object) Determines whether two object instances are equal.
override GetHashCode() Serves as the default hash function.
override ToString() String representation


Name Description
static readonly Eml EML file format represents email messages saved using Outlook and other relevant applications. Almost all emailing clients support this file format for its compliance with RFC-822 Internet Message Format Standard. Learn more about this file format here.
static readonly Emlx The EMLX file format is implemented and developed by Apple. The Apple Mail application uses the EMLX file format for exporting the emails. Learn more about this file format here.
static readonly Mbox MBox file format is a generic term that represents a container for collection of electronic mail messages. The messages are stored inside the container along with their attachments. Learn more about this file format here.
static readonly Msg MSG is a file format used by Microsoft Outlook and Exchange to store email messages, contact, appointment, or other tasks. Learn more about this file format here.
static readonly Olm A file with .olm extension is a Microsoft Outlook file for Mac Operating System. An OLM file stores email messages, journals, calendar data, and other types of application data. These are similar to PST files used by Outlook on Windows Operating System. However, OLM files created by Outlook for Mac can’t be opened in Outlook for Windows. Learn more about this file format here.
static readonly Ost OST or Offline Storage Files represent user’s mailbox data in offline mode on local machine upon registration with Exchange Server using Microsoft Outlook. Learn more about this file format here.
static readonly Pst Files with .PST extension represent Outlook Personal Storage Files (also called Personal Storage Table) that store variety of user information. Learn more about this file format here.
static readonly Vcf VCF (Virtual Card Format) or vCard is a digital file format for storing contact information. The format is widely used for data interchange among popular information exchange applications. Learn more about this file format here.

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