VideoFileType class

Defines Video documents Includes the following types: Mp4, Avi, Flv, Mkv, Mov, Webm, Wmv, Learn more about video formats here.

public sealed class VideoFileType : FileType


Name Description
VideoFileType() Serialization constructor


Name Description
Description { get; } File type description
Extension { get; } The file extension
Family { get; } The file family
FileFormat { get; } The file format


Name Description
CompareTo(object) Compares current object to other.
override Equals(Enumeration) Implements Equals
override Equals(object) Determines whether two object instances are equal.
override GetHashCode() Serves as the default hash function.
override ToString() String representation


Name Description
static readonly Avi The AVI file format is an Audio Video multimedia container file format that was introduced by Microsoft. It holds the audio and video data created and compressed using several codecs (Coders/Decoders) such as XVid and DivX. Learn more about this file format here.
static readonly Flv FLV (Flash Video) is a container file format with the .flv extension. FLV is used to deliver audio/video content over the internet by using the Adobe Flash Player or Adobe Air. Learn more about this file format here.
static readonly Mkv MKV (Matroska Video) is a multimedia container similar to MOV and AVI format but it supports more than one audio and subtitle track in the same file. An MKV file is the Matroska multimedia container format used for video. Learn more about this file format here.
static readonly Mov MOV or QuickTime file format is a multimedia container which is developed by Apple: contains one or more tracks, each track holds a particular type of data i.e. Video, Audio, text, etc. Learn more about this file format here.
static readonly Mp4 MP4(short for MPEG-4 Part 14) is a file format based on ISO/IEC 14496-12:2004 that is based on QuickTime File Format but formally specifies support for Initial Object Descriptors (IOD) and other MPEG features. Learn more about this file format here.
static readonly Webm A file with a .webm extension is a video file based on the open, royalty-free WebM file format. It has been designed for sharing video on the web and defines the file container structure including video and audio formats. Learn more about this file format here.
static readonly Wmv Windows Media Video is the compressed video format developed by Microsoft. After the standardization by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), WMV is now considered to be an open standard format. Learn more about this file format here.

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