Contains the implementation of different XMP Schemes.


Class Description
XmpAudioChannelType Represents audio channel type.
XmpAudioSampleType Represents Audio sample type in XmpDynamicMediaPackage.
XmpBasicJobTicketPackage Represents Basic Job-Ticket namespace.
XmpBasicPackage Represents the XMP basic namespace.
XmpCameraRawPackage Represents Camera Raw schema.
XmpDublinCorePackage Represents the Dublin Core scheme.
XmpDynamicMediaPackage Represents XMP Dynamic Media namespace.
XmpIptcCorePackage Represents the IPTC Core XMP package.
XmpIptcExtensionPackage Represents the IPTC Extension XMP package.
XmpIptcIimPackage Represents the IPTC-IIM XMP package.
XmpMediaManagementPackage Represents the XMP Media Management namespace.
XmpPagedTextPackage Represents the XMP Paged-Text package.
XmpPdfPackage Specifies properties used with Adobe PDF documents.
XmpPhotoshopPackage Represents Adobe Photoshop namespace.
XmpRightsManagementPackage Represents XMP Rights Management namespace.
XmpTimeFormat Represents time format in XmpTimecode.
XmpWhiteBalance Represents the White Balance setting in XmpCameraRawPackage.


Enumeration Description
XmpCropUnit Represent a unit for CropWidth and CropHeight in XmpCameraRawPackage.
XmpPhotoshopColorMode Represents a color mode in XmpPhotoshopPackage.