Class Description
ExifTag Represents a ExifTag property.
GpsIfdPackage Represents GPS IFD.
InteroperabilityIFDPointerPackage Represents Interoperability IFD.
RawDictionaryBasePackage Provides an abstract base class for EXIF metadata dictionaries.
RawExifTagPackage Represents Exif tags.
RawMakerNotePackage Represents Raw MakerNotes tags.
RawPackage Represents Raw Package.
RawTiffTagPackage Represents Tiff tags.


Enumeration Description
ExifTagID Defines ids of Exif tags.
GpsIfdIndex Defines ids of GpsIfd tags.
InteroperabilityIFDPointerIndex Defines ids of InteroperabilityIFDPointer tags.
RawExifIndex Defines ids of RawExif tags.
RawTagType Represents the IFD data type.