The namespace provides classes intended to work with different audio formats.


Class Description
ApePackage Represents an APE v2 metadata package. Please find more information at
ID3Tag Represents a base abstract class for the ID3(v1) and ID3(v2) audio tags.
ID3V1Tag Represents an ID3v1 tag. Please find more information at
ID3V2AttachedPictureFrame Represents an APIC frame in an ID3V2Tag.
ID3V2CommentFrame Represents a COMM frame in an ID3V2Tag.
ID3V2MlltFrame Represents an MLLT frame in an ID3V2Tag.
ID3V2PlayCounterFrame Represents a PCNT frame in an ID3V2Tag. This is simply a counter of the number of times a file has been played.
ID3V2PrivateFrame Represents a PRIV frame in an ID3V2Tag. The frame is used to contain information from a software producer that its program uses and does not fit into the other frames.
ID3V2Tag Represents an ID3v2 tag. Please find more information at
ID3V2TagFrame Represents a generic frame in an ID3V2Tag.
ID3V2TagFrameFlags Represents flags used in a ID3v2 tag frame.
ID3V2TextFrame Represents a text frame in an ID3V2Tag. Almost all frames starting with the T character fall into this category. There is only one exception, which is the TXXX frame represented by the ID3V2UserDefinedFrame class.
ID3V2UrlLinkFrame Represents a URL link frame in an ID3V2Tag. Name of the frame always starts with the W character.
ID3V2UserDefinedFrame Represents a TXXX frame in an ID3V2Tag.
ID3V2UserDefinedUrlLinkFrame Represents a WXXX frame in an ID3V2Tag.
LyricsField Represents a LyricsTag field.
LyricsTag Represents Lyrics3 v2.00 metadata. Please find more information at
MP3RootPackage Represents the root package allowing working with metadata in an MP3 audio.
WavPackage Represents a native metadata package in a WAV audio file.
WavRootPackage Represents the root package allowing working with metadata in a WAV audio.


Enumeration Description
ID3V1Genre Specifies genres used in an Id3v1 tag.
ID3V2AttachedPictureType Represents the type of an attached picture.
ID3V2EncodingType Defines different types of text encoding used in ID3v2.