The namespace contains classes allowing users to work with formats representing scalable computer fonts.


Class Description
OpenTypeBaseNameRecord Represents the base OpenType Name table record class.
OpenTypeFont Represents a single font extracted from a file.
OpenTypeMacintoshNameRecord Represents the Name record table value for the Macintosh platform.
OpenTypePackage Represents an OpenType font metadata package.
OpenTypeRootPackage Represents the root package allowing working with metadata in an OpenType font file.
OpenTypeUnicodeNameRecord Represents the Name record table value for the Unicode platform.
OpenTypeWindowsNameRecord Represents the Name record table value for Windows platform.


Enumeration Description
OpenTypeDigitalSignatureFlags Represents OpenType font digital signature flags.
OpenTypeDirectionHint Represents the OpenType font direction.
OpenTypeFlags Represents OpenType font header flags.
OpenTypeIsoEncoding Represents encoding for the Iso platform.
OpenTypeLicensingRights Indicates font embedding licensing rights for the font.
OpenTypeMacintoshEncoding Represents encoding for the Macintosh platform.
OpenTypeMacintoshLanguage Represents language enum for the Macintosh platform.
OpenTypeName Defines pre-defined IDs, they apply to all platforms unless indicated otherwise.
OpenTypePlatform Represents OpenType platform for Name table.
OpenTypeStyles Represents the OpenType font style.
OpenTypeUnicodeEncoding Represents encoding for Unicode platform.
OpenTypeVersion Represents the OpenType version.
OpenTypeWeight Represents the OpenType font weight. Indicates the visual weight (degree of blackness or thickness of strokes) of the characters in the font. Values from 1 to 1000 are valid.
OpenTypeWidth Represents the OpenType font width. Indicates a relative change from the normal aspect ratio (width to height ratio) as specified by a font designer for the glyphs in a font.
OpenTypeWindowsEncoding Represents encoding for the Windows platform.
OpenTypeWindowsLanguage Represents language for Windows platform.