OpenTypeWidth enumeration

Represents the OpenType font width. Indicates a relative change from the normal aspect ratio (width to height ratio) as specified by a font designer for the glyphs in a font.

public enum OpenTypeWidth : ushort


Name Value Description
Undefined 0 The undefined wifth.
UltraCondensed 1 The Ultra-condensed wifth.
ExtraCondensed 2 The Extra-condensed wifth.
Condensed 3 The Condensed wifth.
SemiCondensed 4 The Semi-condensed wifth.
Medium 5 The Medium (normal) wifth.
SemiExpanded 6 The Semi-expanded wifth.
Expanded 7 The Expanded wifth.
ExtraExpanded 8 The Extra-expanded wifth.
UltraExpanded 9 The Ultra-expanded wifth.

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