AviHeaderFlags enumeration

Represents AVI Header flags.

public enum AviHeaderFlags


Name Value Description
HasIndex 10 Indicates the AVI file has an index.
MustUseIndex 20 Indicates that application should use the index, rather than the physical ordering of the chunks in the file, to determine the order of presentation of the data. For example, this flag could be used to create a list of frames for editing.
IsInterleaved 100 Indicates the AVI file is interleaved.
TrustCkType 800 Use CKType to find key frames.
WasCaptureFile 10000 Indicates the AVI file is a specially allocated file used for capturing real-time video. Applications should warn the user before writing over a file with this flag set because the user probably defragmented this file.
Copyrighted 20000 Indicates the AVI file contains copyrighted data and software. When this flag is used, software should not permit the data to be duplicated.

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