LyricsField class

Represents a LyricsTag field.

public sealed class LyricsField : MetadataProperty


Name Description
LyricsField(string, string) Initializes a new instance of the LyricsField class.


Name Description
Data { get; } Gets the field data.
Descriptor { get; } Gets the descriptor associated with the metadata property.
ID { get; } Gets the id of the field (it’s always three characters long).
InterpretedValue { get; } Gets the interpreted property value, if available. The interpreted value is a user-friendly form of the original property value. For example, it returns a human-readable string instead of numeric flags and ids, if necessary, translates byte arrays to text, etc.
Name { get; } Gets the property name.
Size { get; } Gets the string representation of the field size.
Tags { get; } Gets a collection of tags associated with the property.
Value { get; } Gets the property value.


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